Ways to help your family abroad that you weren’t aware of

Maire Magallanes

4 de noviembre

You`re far from home and your family needs you. Their health requires follow-up or a second opinion, and the public health system is not as good as you might like.

A new Global healthcare network (WORTIX) is constantly adding up experienced healthcare professionals, as well as laboratories, diagnosis and therapy centers, and more. Everything is now at your reach so you can take care of your loved ones

With WORTIX now you can program a doctor visit at home, or even submit a health case for study with experienced professionals who have seen this kind of cases for years and, if your family requires to have a consultation with a doctor from the network, you can book their appointment.

With a free account, you can help your family to manage their clinic history, follow-ups, and therapy, get nurse attention and home, and much more. You can help them out and keep control of the cost at the same time.

Even though is an electronic process (like everything nowadays) WORTIX is for you on any communication media you might find convenient, so everything runs smoothly during the first attention.